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The Tribalise team has engineered a series of workshops that will help you navigate the often murky waters of new media and online communities. We make technology easy, decode the “coding” and make sure you walk away with enough knowledge to make things happen. Take a look here and see if anything here works for you.

Our Workshops:

Learn about Social Media: social media is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for businesses to engage their online client bases. Social Media, in all it’s incarnations - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube - is brand new; there is no old wise man. No one has been there, done that. Firstly, Tribalise will helps you figure out if social media is right for your business. Our team will support you as your business navigates the often murky waters of social media.

Become a SME: The first step to becoming an expert is to know what you’re talking about. As business people, we understand that sometimes you’ll have the subject knowledge but not necessarily be able to articulate it - particularly in the ever-changing online world. Tribalise will help you uncover your closeted Subject Junkie and support you as you expand your knowledge on the matter.

Find your Audience/Build your Community: Grab your audience by the balls. The eyeballs. Make sure your great idea has a captive audience to carry your message for you. Tribalise helps you uncover your potential throngs of followers and pinpoint where you can look for more.

Create and spread your Message: Once you know who you are and what you do, you’re going to need an audience to captivate (and potentially make a buck out of!). Learn how to craft your message and spread it in the language your audience will react to.

Update your business: Learn about new media in a simple, step-by-step process that translates all that technical giberigook into a language you can understand. What is Facebook? Do I need a Twitter feed?

Making technology simple: Discover the much talked-about “back end.” This customised workshop is tailored for every individual client to fit the modules and the functions they have chosen for their online environment. Mike Kesterton takes you through the ins and outs, giving you shortcuts, tricks and recommendations to empower you to run your own online environment and take command of that side of your business. You’ll no longer depend on offshore developers or exorbitant coding fees. Online engagement will never be the same.

CBL on the Inside - our Tribalise Blog

Claudia_blogging Claudia has a very peculiar view of life - she has a "grab Life by the balls" attitude and often, Life likes it.Follow Claudia’s tales of social media in the work place on “CBL Inside Out” blog as she recounts her adventures on the “inside.” So if you’re looking for a different point of view, or a slightly skewed interpretation of how technology is affecting out corporate lives....click here to read on!




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