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You’d be surprised how many people come to us with the idea that a website is the magic “one-size-fits-all” fix to any business. We believe that understanding who you are and what you do is the key to building an online audience and spreading the word about what you do.


Claudia Barriga-Larriviere, our resident Engagement Strategist, has developed a simple, streamlined modular program that takes you from the simple questions to the more complex concept of audience engagement.

  1. Who are you? - Workshop I: Define
  2. What do you do? - Workshop II: Research / ReDefine
  3. Where are you going? - Workshop III: Reach
  4. How are you getting there? - Workshop IV: Engage



If you can’t answer all, or any, of these questions, don’t panic. Most businesses can’t. With the entrepreneurial world in constant change and the exponential revolution in technology, many small and medium business are experiencing a technocratic identity crisis. They don’t know where they fit into the fix, or whether this new media is even right for their business model.

Tribalise is here to help.

The Tribalise team has engineered a series of workshops that will help you navigate the often murky waters of new media and online communities. We make technology easy, decode the “coding” and make sure you walk away with enough knowledge to make things happen. Take a look here and see if anything here works for you.

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